Gemini Perfect Pattern
Acrylic, GemLeaf™ & Flat Cut Metal

Available on 1/4" thickness and up for flat cut metal and 3/8" and up for acrylic & GemLeaf.

Gemini is making efforts to improve the installation experience! Gemini rolled out a Perfect Pattern in 2019 to ensure the installation of your flat-cut metal & acrylic orders is hassle-free and your signage looks great!

An accurate, computer-generated pattern printed on resilient, weather-resistant material. Precise hole locations are printed directly on the pattern from a vector art file. Identical characters on an order will have the exact same stud locations for interchangeability and the original art file will be saved for any replacement letters needed in the future.

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Perfect Pattern - Flat Cut Metal Example

Perfect pattern sizing and dimples examples

Features and Benefits

  • Printed on durable, weather-resistant material.  No tearing or smudging.
  • Improved visuals on product and pattern to assist in ease of installation
    • Precise hole locations marked, along with recommended drill bit size
    • Dimples on product to identify orientation and/or grouping
  • Ability to pre-order pattern ahead of time, if helpful
    • Allows for pre-work on-site if beneficial for a larger scope installation
  • Ability to produce and install replacement letters, with no extra drilling

Dimples Serve Two Purposes

  • Identify the orientation of the piece, by identifying the top if it's a symmetrical letter or part of a logo
  • Multiple dimples indicate what line of text they belong to.
    •, ••, •••, etc...

As always, our goal is to provide tools and services to make your sign projects successful. This is only the beginning as we will expand our Perfect Pattern to other product lines.