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Now available for flat-cut acrylic, GemLeaf™ and metal letters & logos.

Perfect Pattern is an accurate, computer-generated mounting pattern printed on weather-resistant material to ensure the installation of your flat-cut orders are hassle-free with a finished sign that looks great.

See Perfect Pattern in action by viewing the video to the right. You can also download our info sheet for more details.

Features / Benefits

  • Precise drill locations marked, along with recommended drill bit size
  • Identical letters are interchangeable
  • Printed on weather-resistant material for no smudging, no tearing
  • Printed legend with instructions
  • Ability to produce and install replacement letters, with no extra drilling
  • Ability to pre-order a pattern allowing pre-work for large scope installations
Perfect Pattern

Simple Indicators

Top Bottom Diagram

Top/Bottom Orientation
Dimples are marked on the back to help identify proper orientation.

Placement Sizing Diagram

Placement/Sizing Indicators
Dimples can also indicate the line a character belongs to, as well as differentiate similar size letters which will have different stud placements.

Studs & Alignment

Sign Art

Center Line Alignment
Patterns are aligned with horizontal and vertical lines from the center making installation more reliable.

Stud Sizing

Stud Sizing Guide
The stud sizing guide provides recommendations for proper drill bits depending on determined stud size.

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