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When you want to control costs and preserve resources, it might seem logical to produce all your projects in-house. But a more profitable strategy might be partnering with Gemini.

Making Gemini a seamless extension of your business can result in cost savings, faster turnaround, higher customer satisfaction, peace of mind due to lifetime warranty, and new business opportunities.

Gemini has been serving the sign industry for more than 55 years. We never sell directly to the end customer. And we treat every partner the same — everyone receives the same trade discount (no hidden costs or minimums), the same high level of attention, and the same respect.

After all, we're your partner — and your success is our success.Together, accomplish more.

By partnering with Gemini, you can:

    • Stop worrying about fluctuating workloads, cost of materials and staffing levels
    • Receive completed product, typically within days of your order
    • Expand your product offerings, leaning on our established capabilities
    • Spend more time in the front-office or in the field, building your business
    • Take advantage of extensive resources, like a 24/7 online portal we created exclusively for partners, and efficiency tools like our Perfect Pattern installation guide
    • Call on our Field Technical Specialists when you need them
    • Deliver the highest quality product with a lifetime guarantee
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