What do you mean by lifetime guarantee?

Gemini guarantees all of its exterior rated products for life. This means that should a letter or plaque that fades, breaks or contains any defect, we will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the letters are installed in their original location. Please note that our guarantee applies to defective material only, as described in our warranty statement: The following warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied. Specifically, Seller and Manufacturer disclaims any warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose and manufacturer/seller's only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to use the product. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered except by an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer. Keep in mind that all exterior letters will require some maintenance to retain their original luster. All plastic and metal letters should be periodically cleaned with a good dish soap and water to remove any dirt or pollutants gathered from the environment. Should the face of a metal letter become scratched, the polyurethane coating can be revitalized using a good car wax. All Gemini exterior rated letters, logos and plaques are designed to last a lifetime. We test all our materials and finishes, refine our coating technology, and deliver a product that we know will last much longer than the life of any other sign you may install. From experience in the field and from our test lab results, we know that our products are designed to last in excess of 10 years without any noticeable degradation in appearance. We know, from many installations around the world, that many of our products last longer than that.

Does Gemini’s guarantee cover letters installed in harsh environments?

Yes. As stated in Gemini’s Warranty Statement, Gemini will replace or rework all exterior rated letters or plaques that fail in the field, but will not cover your costs of removal, reinstallation or any subsequent work done on the sign mounting surface. Therefore, it is important to keep the sign’s environment in mind when selecting the material and finish of letters that will be placed there. Gemini has a wide range of products and finishes that stretch from the most stable in UV and chemical resistance (formed letters, anodized aluminum and painted products) to the most susceptible to failure when placed in harsh environments (polished brass, natural satin aluminum and laminated letters). Impact resistance is also an issue when considering the regular wear and tear that may affect a sign. Letters made from acrylic are always more prone to breakage than those made from CAB (formed plastic, Minnesota Letters) or metal. Despite our best aluminum alloys, powder coats and finishing techniques, aluminum remains extremely reactive and will degrade when placed in an area with moderate UV exposure and harsh chemical or excessive moisture contact. The only way to ensure that aluminum letters do not corrode is to anodize the surface of the letter.

What is your return policy?

Most Gemini products are custom-made for customers. But as a service to you, we may offer a credit up to 50% of the original net price, up to $500, should you need to return any goods that were ordered in error, canceled by the end user or not needed. All you do is call customer service for an RMA (return material authorization) number and return at least one half of the product to the appropriate plant, as given to you when you call. You are responsible for the freight for this return, and it only applies to orders under $1,000 net, and only for actual product returned. Items such as art charges, crate charges, paint match charges or mounting patterns cannot be credited. For orders over $1,000, we will have to determine a credit based on the product type and dollar value.

How or when do art charges apply?

Should the art that we receive require no cleanup, we will not add an art charge to your order. Should the art need to be cleaned, your quoted art fee per unique letter or logo will apply. If the art is fairly clean, requiring minimal cleanup, we will reduce the quoted art fee. If you do not want to pay any art fee, please advise us when you place your order. We will then call you if cleaner art is required.

What art files can I send in for quotations or orders?

Gemini’s systems are IBM compatible. The best files to send us are Illustrator (.ai, .eps or .pdf), Corel (.cdr), Gerber (.plt), Flexi (.fs), or Signlab (.eps). We can also convert Mac EPS files. Please be sure to convert to “curves” or “paths” before sending. Be sure to clearly identify your company name, phone number and reference any quotation number you may have received. Large files (over 10MB) can be uploaded by going to the Dashboard > Upload Artwork.

How long does it take to produce my order?

From the time we receive your order, until it is delivered, a few processing steps are involved. Actual lead times can then vary, based on the steps involved with an order, and actual production times.  Some products such as Formed Plastic are produced in as few as 3 days, while other more complex products such as Metal Plaques, may take a couple weeks to produce.  In all cases though, our goal is to provide you with a projected delivery date, and ship your order by that due date. Tracking of orders is also automated with an on-line tracking system, to help you better plan for your installations.

What do you charge for mounting or installation patterns?

Drawings and Guides for installation are not sent with orders, unless requested. Most mounting options will require some form of guide to properly install your product. P.259-260 of our current catalog details these options and recommendations – with associated pricing. Most guides are now a flat rate, based on the total character count of your project. As an example, a drilling pattern for a stud mount, with 11-20 total characters, is listed at $83.30

What is the difference between a Perfect Pattern and a Drill Pattern?

A Perfect Pattern is the newly developed, most exact, computer generated drilling pattern that we produce. This pattern is designed to provide exact letter hole locations on installation templates - while at the same time allow letters to be interchanged on any given line of copy. What does this mean for my install? Letters no longer need to be numbered and separated during your installation, as each identical character on a line of copy can be interchanged with another. Mounting holes locations will be more exact as hole locations are computer located on each letter vs. being placed by hand. Therefore, if you have three letter “G”s to install, the mounting hole locations will be the same for all three letters. In addition, these exact hole locations now allow any required replacements, such as a damaged character, to be replaced without having to drill any new holes. Drill patterns are still available with any product containing a stud for mounting but is not ready for computer located holes, as required with Perfect Patterns. We started by developing Cut Metal products with Perfect Patterns and will continue adding this feature to more products.

What size letters do I need to order?

Download a letter visibility chart that has been made for you based upon information provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council. Please refer to the complete study for additional information. For further details contact the USSC at 1-215-785-1922.

How will my order be delivered?

Most orders will ship via UPS Ground, at our Guaranteed Ground Freight rate, unless otherwise requested by you, or too large for UPS. You may have your order shipped via air or another common carrier by request (additional charges may apply).

When I condense a Gemini formed plastic or cast metal letter style, why is it considered a custom style?

For all of Gemini's standard formed plastic and cast metal letters, the molds are premade at specific sizes (height and width). Therefore, if any dimension is changed, the premade molds are no longer the correct size for the application and new molds will have to be made, so it is considered a custom letter style.

When does Gemini send an art approval drawing?

Not all orders require an art approval drawing. Gemini may email you a layout of your art, with associated details, based on the product type or order value. Most orders with Install Guides that require a restriction such as a line length, may also receive an art layout for your approval. Standard style orders of Formed Plastic, Injection Molded and Cast Metal will probably not require a layout approval. Most larger dollar value orders, with any custom work, will probably require a layout approval. In some situations, a “Reference Only” email will be sent out to show that your order has been sent direct to production.

Why does Gemini always ask for my phone number?

Gemini works with numerous sign companies with the same name. Since most companies do not remember their Gemini account number, the simplest verification information to use is your company's local telephone number. We can quickly access your specific account information to expedite your quote and order process.

How do I know what mounting option to use?

When contacting Gemini for a quotation or order, always let us know the mounting surface where you will be installing the letters, logos and/or plaques, and we will advise you on our recommended mounting option(s) for that surface. If you are installing on a brick (or block) surface, always request in-line for brick (or block) to ensure the studs are aligned to the mortar joints instead of the bricks (or blocks).

When can I use double-face tape and what does Gemini offer with this mounting method?

Gemini offers double faced tape as a mounting option for many flat cut letter products – and thin smaller plaques. It is recommended that double faced tape only be used on flat, smooth, interior walls – where proper tape to wall adhesion can take place. Most double faced tape is not designed for exterior installations or larger pieces. Based on the product type & size, the tape supplied will be either a partial coverage of tape strips, small pieces of tape, or full tape coverage. Larger and heavier pieces may require use of tape and an exterior-grade adhesive (matched to your material) for a secure installation. Our standard tape is produced by Orafol, and is a 25 mil foam tape.