We’re working to make our processes more environmentally friendly because it’s the right thing to do.


Supporting Gemini Partners

We can help you achieve LEED certification goals. We strive to ensure everything we make is manufactured in an earth-friendly manner. That includes using only lead- and mercury-free metals;  using all-electric, pollution-free furnaces; manufactured in facilities with a Green Star rating; and recycling any plastic or metal materials that come out of our manufacturing processes.

We Recycle our Raw Materials

Whether it's the metal and plastic trim that's left from our laser and water jet cutting processes, the metal shavings from our precision tooling operations, or the residual metal that's left in runners and cups in our metal foundry operations, we recycle as much as we can before it reaches the consumer.  

Preventing Pollution and Waste

All solvent wastes are reclaimed for reuse on or off-site. By-products such as waste sand or garnet are internally re-claimed. All our finishing and coating processes are filtered to capture 95–99.99% of particulates. Inks used in our Pronto screening are UV cured - waterbased - so no VOCs.  More plastic and metal paints are power coated to reduce VOCs. And we eliminated a large wastewater generating process by closing the loop on our water jets—we’ll be using even less garnet and water as we transition to cutting even more metal on lasers.

Green Star and Beyond

We've earned the Green Star Facility certification—one of only 25 companies in the State of Minnesota to earn this coveted distinction. And we’re continuing to improve our facilities through measures to reduce our carbon footprint, for example, by retrofitting facility lighting to reduce consumption by millions of KWH each year.  We continually strive to increase equipment efficiency. 

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