How do I contact Gemini?

There are multiple ways to reach us, whether it is by phone, email, or live chat. Visit www.geminisignage.com to utilize our Live Chat feature and find all of the contact information for Gemini on the “Contact Us” page. https://geminimade.com/contact/

Is there a specific sales person I should contact regarding my account?

Any of our Gemini Customer Service team members will be able to assist you with your questions and quote/order requests. Depending on the complexity of the request/question or the product type we have a variety of specialized teams available to partner with you to find the best possible solution or answer to your question.

How do I request a quote or order?

You can use TrueQuote, or contact us via email, phone, or Live Chat.

What do I include in my quote or order request?

Be sure to specify if you would like a quote or order. In the request include usable vector artwork or a standard font, product or material, the color/finish, the mounting style and if a template is needed. To get your project started right and fast, see our Jumpstart Guides.

How long will it take to receive a quote or order acknowledgment?

It depends on your path. With TrueQuote you get a valid quote within moments, if you email, our goal is to process requests as quickly as possible, most within the same day. As always, there are variables such as complexity of the request to time of the year that can impact our service level.

What type of artwork do I use for my order?

The best files to send us are Illustrator (.ai, .eps or .pdf), Corel (.cdr), Gerber (.plt), Flexi (.fs), or Signlab (.eps). Please be sure to convert to “curves” or “paths” before sending.

Can you walk me through my quote/order?

Absolutely! Please connect with us on any questions you have.

How long does it take to produce my order?

From the time we receive your order, until it is delivered, a few processing steps are involved. Lead times will vary depending on product category, finish, complexity, size of order and seasonality in addition to other factors. In all cases though, our goal is to provide you with a projected delivery date upon art approval.

When will I receive my partner number?

You will receive your partner number when you sign up to become a partner with Gemini. To confirm your partner number, please contact customer service.

What are the options for paying for my order?

When partners set up an account with Gemini, there are many payment options available. We offer Net Terms (with approved credit application), Credit Card and Prepay. To learn more about these options, please email credit@geminisignproducts.com or call 877-702-5559 ext 1304.

What are Net Terms?

Net Terms allows customers the flexibility and tools to easily and conveniently manage their account. Once a credit application is filled out and approved our partners are able to - pay within 30 days – pay online with ACH at no additional cost – call and make payments on your invoices with ACH or credit card over the phone – view open invoices online

How do I apply for Net Terms?

Email credit@geminimade.com to request a credit application today or with any Payment Portal questions.

What is Perfect Pattern™?

A Perfect Pattern is a computer-generated drilling template we offer, which is made from the same digital file that your order is produced from. This template is designed to provide exact letter hole locations on installation templates, while at the same time allow letters to be interchanged on any given line of copy.

What do you mean by Lifetime Guarantee?

Gemini guarantees all of its exterior rated products for life. This means that should a letter or plaque that fades, breaks or contains any defect, we will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the materials are still installed in their original location. Please note that our guarantee applies to defective material only.

What is Gemini’s return policy?

Most Gemini products are custom, made-to-order for your clients. But as a service to our partners, we may offer you a credit up to 50% of the original sales price, up to $500, should you need to return any goods that you ordered in error, were canceled by the end user, or not needed. If you're in this situation, simply call us for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and a customer service representative will explore options for you.

Does the Gemini guarantee cover letters installed in harsh environments?

Yes, as stated in Gemini’s warranty statement, Gemini will replace or rework all exterior rated letters or plaques that fail in the field, but will not cover your costs of removal, reinstallation or any subsequent work done on the sign mounting surface. Therefore, it is important to keep the sign’s environment in mind when selecting the material and finish of letters that will be placed there.

How do I get added to the Where to Buy Page?

The Where to Buy page can be a useful tool for your business, this is the information customers will see when they search using the Where to Buy section on the Gemini website. To be featured on the Where to Buy page, email partner.support@geminimade.com.

Do you have any graphics/images I can use on my website for marketing materials?

If you are looking for images for your website or marketing materials, we have got you covered! Visit the link below to download a wide selection of high-quality, ready to use images for all of Gemini’s product offerings: https://gemini.filegenius.com/downloadPublic/8dsjqkikvhkbmyy

Is there a Gemini Reseller Logo available?

Gemini has created three versions of a partnership logo for you to use in the promotion of our partnership. As a Gemini authorized partner, you are encouraged to add the Gemini Authorized Reseller logo to your website and print materials, wherever Gemini products are displayed. Please see the link below: http://www.geminisignproducts.com/en/partners/dashboard/sales-marketing/authorized-reseller-logos/

Do you offer Samples?

Absolutely! Please visit our samples page on the Partner Portal: http://www.geminisignproducts.com/en/partners/dashboard/sales-marketing/samples_webgraphics/